Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The first thing to get you started on changing your diet, lifestyle, etc after a diagnosis is acceptance.  No matter what the diagnosis, be it diabetes, arthritis, cancer or something else, you have to first come to an acceptance of the illness before you can do what you need to do to fight it off!  Many of the foods you need to eat to fight said illness will often be something not currently in your diet or something you simply don't like.  But do yourself a big favor.  Think of such foods as the medicine your body needs to perform the tasks required of it.  That will make it much easier to change your diet and include the foods you need.  Our bodies are wonderfully made and they have an enormous ability to heal if we will keep unhealthy things out of them and feed them the nutrients they need.  You really can help your body do its job!

Many times people say, "I could never eat enough of that to do me any good."  But that is not the way to look at it.  You must realize you can't do it all in one setting, one day, or one week.  It requires a change in diet on a regular basis.  You can't eat asparagus once and think that will help.  You need to eat the foods at least once a week and once daily in some instances.  It is not a matter of how much but how often!

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