Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Asparagus is a great natural anti-inflammatory.  Since inflammation in the body is known to contribute to many illnesses and is thought by the medical community to contribute to the proliferation of cancer, asparagus should be on all our list of foods we eat!  This is one of the vegetables we need to get our children to start eating as young as possible.

The phytochemicals in asparagus mimic a type of anti-inflammatory known as a COX-2 inhibitor.  Other nutrients in which asparagus is rich are other cancer-fighters such as Vitamin-A which has been shown in lab and animal studies to take on skin, breast, liver, colon, and prostate cancers.  Another is Vitamin-K (prostate and lung cancers).  Also folic acid which is known as an excellent fighter of many cancers including colorectal, esophageal, stomach, and breast.

If you don't like asparagus, think of it as preventative medicine and learn to like it.  If you suffer from any of the above mentioned cancers, it is imperative to add asparagus to your diet!

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