Monday, November 28, 2011


There are natural ways to help prevent that embarrassing problem of constipation.  Digestive tract and stomach problems are very pervasive but no one wants to talk about them.  So here is a little free advice.  You can help to keep your digestive system working by getting enough fiber and magnesium.  We all know that fiber adds bulk that makes it easier to eliminate waste.  But did you realize the magnesium is Mother Nature's muscle relaxant which tends to keep things moving along and it also tends to attract water which hydrates the stool.  According to Dr. Gerald E. Mullin, associate professor of medicine at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, getting enough fiber and magnesium in the diet can prevent constipation in most people.  However, if constipation becomes a serious issue, you should always check with your doctor.  There could be a more serious problem involved. Dr. Mullin suggests including these foods rich if fiber and magnesium to your diet on a regular basis: spinach, squash, broccoli, basil, and almonds.

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