Thursday, December 8, 2011


One of the biggest problems many cancer patients face is a lack of appetite and the foods they do eat not tasting so good.  Ironically, good nourishment is one of the things they need most.  The body simply cannot fight cancer (or other illnesses) without proper nourishment.  It is one of the most important overlooked areas in so many patients cancer treatments.  If someone you know is fighting this horrific disease, one of  the most important things you can do to help is to see that they eat and eat properly.  They do not have to eat a big meal.  In fact small meals are preferable.  But something as important as the proper broth or soup can do wonders to help the body heal.   Often these patients are too sick to cook for themselves so make sure that have soups, broths, fruits, etc available at all times.  There are several articles on this site to help you with that. Rebecca Katz, a chef who works with oncologists, nutritionists, and cancer wellness professionals says, "As many as 80% of cancer patients are malnourished, often leaving them too weakened to withstand ongoing treatment.  Keeping them nourished with healthy foods gives patients a better chance of making the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor."  Dr. Keith I. Block, MD has said, "Eating a plant based diet is fundamental to a successful cancer fight."  Something as simple as a handful of blueberries can be very helpful to patients.

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