Thursday, February 14, 2013


If you are concerned with your health and would like to improve your diet, here is a good, simple way to start.  Start replacing most of the granulated sugar in your diet with honey.  As was discussed earlier this year on this blog, granulated sugar is basically stripped of all its nutritional value during processing so you are really not getting much nutrition when you consume it.  Start using honey to sweeten your beverages, oatmeal, etc.  Remember honey has antioxidants so you are trading a nutrient-poor sweetener for an antioxidant-laced one.  Honey still has calories though; 22 per teaspoon.  However, a recent University of Wyoming study found that making this switch from granulated sugar to honey could affect hunger hormones in a slimming way.  Compared with sugar, honey delayed the rise of ghrelin, a hormone that drives us to eat and it boosted levels of the feel-full compound PYY!

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