Sunday, February 10, 2013


If you have ever been on a diet you have surely eaten your share of celery sticks.  But did you realize you were also giving your body a cancer fighting tool?  That's right.  Celery works as an anti-inflammatory and it has coumarins which help to fight off cancer. 

Coumarin are radar-like phytochemicals that help white blood cells seek out potentially harmful cells, such as cancer cells, and the free radicals that cause normal cells to mutate into a cancerous state.

So celery's coumarins help to free the free radicals from damaging cells, thereby decreasing the mutations that can cause cells to become cancerous.  Also, acetylinic compounds in celery can stop the growth of tumor cells!

The bottom line here is this; if you aren't currently including celery in your diet, you should probably consider adding it.  Such an easy way to help protect your body from a devastating disease!!

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