Sunday, June 9, 2013


Being a diabetic I always give a second glance to anything I see about diabetes.  I was surprised to learn recently that probably the number one mistakes diabetics make in testing their blood sugar is where they test!    I was surprised by the headline but as I continued reading, I realized this is probably true.  Okay, a show of hands here, how many of you diabetics poke your fingertip or the pad of your finger when testing your blood sugar?  Ouch, no wonder that hurts.  You are poking the most sensitive part of your finger with a thin needle! Always poke your finger over to the side where it is not so sensitive and you won't be using that spot to touch things all day long.  A simple tip but a mistake I didn't realize so many people make.  And no wonder we make that mistake.  That's how most doctors, nurses, etc show us to do it.  I know I did that the first few months and soon learned the side of the finger is better.  If you haven't learned this yet, give the side of your finger a try at your next testing!  Here is an example of how so many do it the wrong way -

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