Thursday, July 11, 2013


The following information is mostly from Jill Weisenberger, M.S.,R.D., C.D.E.

There is so much advertising regarding "Heart Healthy" that it can be hard to muddle your way through to the facts.  After reading an article by Ms. Weisenberger, I thought her advice was worth sharing.  Here are a few bullets that separate fact from fiction (regarding 'heart healthy" only!):

  • Fatty Fish - The real deal.  This fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, rainbow trout, etc are loaded with heart-protecting Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Beans - The real deal.  Studies have shown that eating at least 4 servings of beans a week will lower your risk of coronary heart disease by 22%!
  • Nuts - The real deal. Eating 4 servings of nuts a week can lower your risk of coronary heart disease by 37%.
  • Oatmeal - The real deal. Oatmeal is heart healthy and should be a part of your diet.  But don't load it down with unhealthy add-ins.
  • Granola and Cereal Bars - Good and/or Bad.  You must read the label as not all granola and/or bars are healthy no matter how they are labeled.  Many of these bars are loaded with sugar and trans fats which are bad for the heart.  Be aware of what the actual ingredients are in your bars.
  • Turkey Hot Dogs and Sausages - Beware! Okay occasionally but these products are processed meats and are loaded with sodium which is bad for one's blood pressure thus the heart.
  • Banana Chips - Bad.  Don't confuse banana chips with a banana.  While a banana is heart healthy and loaded with potassium which lowers blood pressure, chips are fried and therefore have added oils and sugars.
  • Cholesterol-Free Stick Margarine - To be a solid, this margarine contains saturated and/or trans fats and both cause your liver to make more cholesterol which is not good for the heart.

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