Friday, July 19, 2013


Once again I am warning you to read labels on your foods.  Today it is about Greek yogurt.  Most of us know Greek yogurt is very popular right now and is considered a healthy food.  But those nasty marketers are always out to make a buck from unsuspecting consumers.  In order to cash in on the popularity of "Greek Yogurt" many companies now market some yogurt as "Greek Style".  Be aware that Greek Style is not Greek Yogurt!  Greek Style yogurt is nothing more than regular yogurt that contains additives such as gelatin and milk solids to make it thicker and thus able to make consumers think they are eating Greek Yogurt.  To be sure you are getting Greek Yogurt read the ingredients list.  There should be only two - milk and cultures.

Please note there is nothing illegal about marketing yogurt as Greek Style.  Once again it is up to the consumer to read labels and be aware of what they are purchasing.

 Please note: These pictures are not endorsements or non-endorsements of these brands of products.  These pictures are used only to show you the different in the wording on the product, Greek Yogurt vs Greek Style Yogurt.

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