Saturday, July 20, 2013


If you follow this blog you know I am a diabetic.  As a diabetic, even though my diabetes is under very good control, I strive to eat only foods that will heal and not hinder my body.  As all diabetics know, we have to take good care of our kidneys.  Diabetes can be hard on the kidneys and that is a problem we don't need.  I do a lot of research on health and one thing I have found repeatedly is that onions are very good for the kidneys.  Thankfully I like onions and use them in some way everyday.  But if you are a diabetic and onions are not currently a part of your diet, perhaps it is time to add them.  From raw onion slices on burgers to creamed pearl onions, to chopped or diced onions in soups, stews, etc, they are easy to work onto the diet.

Onions are abundant with flavanoids, including a powerful antioxidant that helps fight the free radicals associated with kidney disease.  Better to add onions to your diet today than to be battling kidney disease later!

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