Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Don't like broccoli?  Scientists and researchers tell us that broccoli is one of the most amazing pharmaceuticals in nature.  Consider the following:

If broccoli were a pharmaceutical the label would read as follows: High concentrations of beta-carotene (a suspected lung cancer antagonist!); contains carotenoids (general anticancer agents); quercetin (antioxidant and anticancer agent); glutathione (antioxidant and anticancer agent); indoles (anticancer and detoxification compounds); vitamin C (powerful antioxidant); folate (anticancer agent); chromium (antidiabetic and anti-heart-disease medication); readily absorbable calcium (helps prevent osteoporosis, suspected anticancer and high blood pressure medication); calcium pectate fiber (lowers blood cholesterol). Broccoli is also a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, closely tied to lower rates of cancer, notably colon cancer.  Side effects? None known.

If your doctor told you he/she had a pill that could do all that you would probably tell him/her to write you a prescription.  Instead you can just make sure you are including this tasty vegetable in your diet!

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