Tuesday, September 24, 2013


If you think you have a food allergy you should go to your doctor for testing.  The term "food allergy" has long been misused to describe a wide variety of adverse reactions to food.  Food intolerances, foodborne illnesses, and food aversions have somehow all gotten lumped under food allergy in the public's minds.  A fairly recent survey of American households found that 16% of respondents believed they have a food allergy.  The truth is that only 1 to 2 percent of adults and 5 percent of children actually have a food allergy. Food allergies can be very serious, even fatal, so they are not to be taken lightly.  But most people who think they have a food allergy actually have other problems that need to be diagnosed and often treated.

If your doctor diagnoses you with a food allergy be sure to follow his/her instructions and avoid that food in any form.  The American Dietetic Association, the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals in the world, has a book that can be quite helpful for those with actual food allergies.  The book is pictured below.

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