Saturday, November 30, 2013


Slow down and enjoy your meal.  In our fast paced society we often find ourselves rushing through our meals and that is not a good thing.  In addition to not really tasting the food, having it sitting in your digestive system half chewed, etc, eating slower not only allows you to taste and enjoy your food it also helps you to eat less and feel fuller!  How simple is that?  You want to eat less?  Slow down and enjoy what you are eating!  In a study at the Center for Mindful Eating it was found that people who took 30 minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream (yes, despite some melting), their bodies produced more fullness hormones than when they ate it in 5 minutes. Would you believe your taste buds fatigue just like the rest of your body.  As your taste buds fatigue flavors diminish so you find it easier to stop eating!

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