Thursday, November 21, 2013


If you are fond of sandwiches or eat more than you would like out of necessity, there are many ways to make sandwiches healthier.  Here are a few healthy ideas for your sandwiches:

  • Start with a whole-grain bread.  Never use plain white bread as it is an overly processed unhealthy food.
  • Make the main ingredient a healthy protein.  Use a lean meat, fish, or other protein not a fatty, unhealthy meat.
  • If using cheese, choose a low-fat cheese.  Cheese is a good source of calcium, just be sure to use a low-fat variety.
  • Add fresh fruit to your sandwich.  Thin slices of apple or pear are good options.
  • Definitely add some dark leafy greens.  Fresh spinach is a great option.
  • Beware of the mayo or other fat and/or sugar loaded sauces.  Try mustard or hummus.  Thin slices of avocado are also a good idea.

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