Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keeping Your Kitchen Sanitary

Yesterday's post was about germophobes and how we should not become obsessed about germs.  However, it is important to remember a couple of areas in your kitchen that must be kept wiped down and cleaned after using.  Here is some important information:

  • Your refrigerator handle should be on your priority list.  It is especially important to remember that after handling raw chicken you may touch the handle of your refrigerator and then return to get lettuce or salad makings.  Hands should be washed between these two tasks and refrigerator handles wiped down.
  • Your kitchen sink faucet handles.  Basically the same applies as it does above.  When handling poultry especially, you may touch your faucet handles then touch them again to wash lettuce or other produce that will be eaten raw.

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