Sunday, December 29, 2013


As we approach a new year it is amazing the number of people who will say their goal for the new year is to lose weight.  Nothing wrong with that goal but most people will not succeed and will drop the idea as one of their goals before the first month is up. One does not have to go on some strick, complicated, do away with everything good, or fad diet to lose weight. That plan alone is a setup for failure.  Unless your doctor puts you on a specific diet for health reasons, just watching what and how you eat is all you need to do to watch the pounds drop off! One of the biggest mistakes people make without even realizing it is salads.  How many times have you heard someone say, "But I just had a salad!" Believe me, not all salads are created equal! Here is a perfect example:  You go out for lunch with your coworkers or friends. They want to go to California Pizza Kitchen.  You think that's not so bad, I'll not have pizza. So you opt for a salad.  Would you believe the CPK's Chicken Waldorf Salad comes in at a whopping 1,561 calories and 31 grams of saturated fat.  That's not healthy fats, that's just the saturated fat!  You would be better off with the meat cravers pizza! You can probably lower those numbers by choosing a different dressing, etc.  However, the point I want to make is this: You can use up a whole days worth of calories on one salad! When selecting a salad, be careful which one you choose! If you aren't sure, ask for the nutritional information on each salad before making your decision.

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