Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make Realistic Promises

Doctors suggest that we should avoid using the word 'never' when referring to dieting or other health habits.  As we close out this year and start to think about the new year so many people start promising they will never do this or that again or they won't do it in the new year.  As an example, people often say they will never eat dessert again when trying to diet or lose weight.  But that is not realistic.  One might be able to keep that promise for a few weeks then they start to eat all the dessert than can get their hands on.  Doctors say we should allow for little indulgences from time to time and that we should avoid the word 'never'.  Never  is just not realistic according to Dr. Yael Varnado, a preventative health specialist in NYC.  He suggests that instead of 'never' you promise to limit how often you eat something or choose a healthier type.  In the dessert example for instance, you can choose a healthier dessert such as fresh fruit or berries rather than a slice of pie or cake.  Don't set yourself up for failure.  Make changes that are realistic so you won't disappoint yourself.

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