Friday, January 10, 2014


Again I am using the Cracker Jack nutrition label because it provides such vivid examples.

Without looking further, answer this question to yourself. What is the main ingredient in Cracker Jack? Is it popcorn, nuts, or what?  Have you come up with your answer?  Look below to see the correct answer.

While many of you probably said popcorn, the main ingredient is actually sugar.  That's right, sugar! Toward the bottom of the nutrition labels on food is the ingredients list.  Federal regulations require the ingredients be listed in the order of the one that is most prevalent in the food product to the one least prevalent.  Look at the label below and you will see that popcorn is the third ingredient listed. The first two are sugars!  Notice that the first, second, and fifth ingredients are all sugars! If you are a diabetic or trying to lose weight it is very important to read these lists and know exactly what you are eating.

When reading the nutrition labels of foods, never stop at the calorie count. Go all the way down highlighting the calories, serving size, any values that are important to your diet ie carbs, protein, sugar, etc, and always read the ingredient list!

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