Sunday, January 26, 2014


When dieting or trying to eat healthier you have to consider your snacks, too. No matter how carefully you prepare your meals, if you aren't controlling your snacking you can blow the whole thing. Snacks are important. In fact a healthy snack is recommended both mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It's the content of the snack that matters. Coffee and a doughnut mid-morning is not a healthy snack. A handful of raisins and a few plain almonds or other nuts is.  A bag of chips or a candy bar and a soft drink is not a healthy mid-afternoon snack. A piece of string cheese and/or carrot sticks is. And by the way, a bottle of water is the perfect beverage choice. Mild dehydration can be mistaken for hunger! You get the picture. The point is to remind you it is everything you eat over the course of the day that matters.

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