Saturday, March 8, 2014


Do you worry when you hear there is arsenic in apple juice, chemicals in seafood, etc? While that fact would no doubt be true, it isn't really cause for concern. The fact is you would have to heat or drink the particular food/beverage regularly and in a pretty good quantity for is to put your health at risk.  To avoid such a problem, do not become a "mono-eater/drinker". In other words, do not have the same food/beverage for breakfast, etc everyday. As long as you include a variety of healthy foods and drinks in your diet, you do not need to be concerned.

There is an exception to the above. Parents of babies whose diet consists only of formula need to be aware of any consumer alerts on the brand of formula their babies are using. As an example, a few years ago a study found that some organic formulas were sweetened with a brown rice syrup that contained a concerning amount of arsenic. In that case you would want to talk to your doctor about switching formula since that was basically all of your baby's diet.

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