Friday, April 25, 2014

Do You Eat Bagels Regularly?

If you love your bagels and eat them often you should be aware of just what you are eating. Bagels are quick, easy, and tasty but did you know that the average bagel, whether made with refined or whole-grain flour, averages 300 calories? And how many of us eat our bagels plain? Of course we don't! We like cream cheese, butter, jelly, etc on those bagels so we pile on even more calories. The average bagel slathered with cream cheese comes in at 500 calories!

If you love bagels, I'm not suggesting you give them up. But there are ways to lower those calorie counts. Eat a mini bagel or a thin bagel. If you still want the traditional bagel, scoop out some of the insides or make sure your bagel is whole-wheat. Yes, the calorie count on the white and whole-wheat are the same but the whole-wheat has fiber. Use a sugar-free jelly, fat-free cream cheese, etc. Don't fall into a high calorie count bagel trap!

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