Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We cannot help the genes we are born with. Whether good genes or bad genes, we are stuck with the ones our parents passed on to us. I have some bad genes in my blood stream when it comes to heart disease and many of you do, too. But it is possible to overcome some of those bad genes with our diets so that is good news. This information is from two large international studies where researchers looked at heart disease rates in people with gene variations on chromosome 9 which is know to significantly increase ones odds of heart disease. As expected they found that people with the variations had more heart disease. But here is the good news - That was only true if they ate a poor diet! Those who followed healthier diets had no more heart disease than the general population. Those healthier diets involved eating several servings a day of two out of the following categories; fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and berries. Now how hard is that to do? Pretty simple, right? The research showed that the most powerful food was fresh vegetables so be sure you have them in your diet daily.

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