Monday, May 19, 2014


I am a diabetic and I know many of my readers are, too. There are many people out there who constantly want to give us advice or tell us about all the problems diabetes can cause. Do not believe the following myth, "Diabetes is a one-way street to bad health problems." Diabetes when ignored or not treated properly can certainly cause poor health and many health problems. But we diabetics do not have to let that happen. With a good medical team and proper nutrition and medication, it is possible in almost all cases to keep diabetes under control and live a normal life.  Following is a quote from Bill who lives in California:
  • "I have been a diabetic for the last 38 years. I started with oral medication and progressed to insulin. I have been on insulin for the last 28 years. Together with healthy foods and portion control, I can manage my blood sugar."
I like Bill's quote because he add a key phrase in there, "portion control"! Portion control is an important part of a diabetic's diet!

If you are struggling with your diabetes, watch your portion size, follow a healthy diet, and get exercise daily. It is also important to take your medicine regularly. You can learn to control your diabetes!

PS: This is good advice for anyone, diabetic or not!

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