Tuesday, September 23, 2014


If you find yourself getting confused about diets you aren't alone.  We, the American public, get so much stuff thrown at us about what to eat, what not to eat, that it can get very confusing. One reason we get so confused is that everyone who has a study, whether it was done scientifically or not, writes a book, puts out a line of food products, etc. Everyone who has a health problem and changes their diet accordingly thinks everyone else should do the same to feel as good as they do now. How silly is that? If you have a heart attack and the doctor puts you on meds are you going to try to get everyone you know to takes the same meds? Of course you aren't! The medication that is saving your life could kill someone else. The best thing to do about your diet is to eat responsibly and healthy. If you have needs or concerns discuss them with your doctor and not your neighbor or friends. Your doctor knows your body and any problems it has and is therefore best able to guide you with your diet.

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