Tuesday, October 28, 2014


One of the most common myths surrounding diabetes is that diabetics have to eat 'special' food. Diabetics can eat mostly the same foods that others eat but it is better for diabetics and others to follow certain guidelines. Some of those guidelines are whole-grain products rather than refined products, lower sugar amounts, and portion control. In this post I will stress portion control, especially with desserts. If a diabetic wants to eat a piece of 'regular' pie for example that pie should be cut into 8 slices, not 6! If served a larger slice, cut it in half before starting to eat. A piece of 'regular' fudge should be cut into a very small square not a 1-inch square. If I am served a piece of layer cake I ask for a thin slice then I cut off the bottom layer with the filling and only eat either the bottom or the top. You can see how easy it is to cut portion size, all you need is willpower.

Please note this information applies to the average diabetic. If you have a serious blood sugar problem you may have to eliminate sweets altogether. You and your doctor should discuss your diet.

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