Monday, October 6, 2014


Yes, what you eat can have an effect on your level of stress. Medical research has shown that low serotonin, the chemical in our brains that regulates emotion, may be the main cause of anxiety and depression. Nutritionist DeAnna D. Irving has said that the serototin levels in the body can be depleted by stress and poor health if one isn't eating right. Serotonin is not found in food but is released into the bloodstream after the digestion of tryptophan, Vitamin B or Omega-3 fatty acids. Feeling a little stressed out? Try adding some of the foods that have large amounts of the previously mentioned nutrients to raise your serotonin levels without medication. One such food is Spinach. Spinach has high levels of vitamin B6 which helps to increase both energy and serotin levels. When you increase your energy and serotonin levels that can lead to better moods and overall better health. Don't like spinach? Avocado, brown rice, green peas, and collard greens are also rich in vitamin B6.

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