Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If you are dieting and feeling proud that you are only eating three meals a day, you are doing it wrong. According to health expert and certified trainer Kim Lyons, you quash cravings by doing mini-meals. As a diabetic I have been doing this now for years but it is an important way for anyone to eat. Have three meals a day with a protein mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Why protein? Protein will regulate your blood sugar and keep you from crashing later. When I say snack I mean snack, not another meal. Here are some healthy suggestions for those "mid" snacks; small amount of a lean meat, tofu, low-fat cheese stick, boiled egg, nut butters, etc. It is okay to add a small amount of carbs but the main focus should be protein.

The protein in the nut butter makes this apple a much healthier snack than the apple alone.

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