Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I often warn dieters and diabetics about eating dried fruits (one of the items that makes granola so sugary) but when I received the following from one of the health sites I follow, Everyday Health, I decided to pass it on to you exactly as I received it:

"Dried Fruit: Sugary Saboteur
Dried fruits are great sources of concentrated vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but — and it’s a big but to avoid — you have to limit your intake because you’re also getting very concentrated calories and sugar. Consider prunes, which are dried plums: Just one cup of prunes contains more than 400 calories and 45 grams of sugar while one cup of fresh plum has just 76 calories and 16 sugar grams. Plus, when you eat fresh fruit you get the added water content that can help you feel full."
Now you, especially diabetics, can see why I say to avoid dried fruits. That sugar content is a disaster for you and for me. No matter how you try to explain it away, that much sugar is a big "NO"!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Now that we are into Fall the holidays will soon be approaching. Many of the Fall and holiday drinks are already out at our favorite beverage shops. If you are a diabetic or you are trying to watch your weight beware of all those tasty toasty coffee shop beverages. A 100 calories drink can quickly balloon to 400 or 500 calories! When you add syrups, whipped cream, caramel, etc the calories keep piling on. So what is a person to do? We don't want to give up those wonderful beverages but we can keep the calories count down.

Laura Jeffers, nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic says the more flavors and names you add to your beverage, the more calories you are piling on. After all, adding 200 calories to your diet a day can add up to a weight gain of 40 pounds a year. Yuck!

Ms. Jeffers suggests replacing whole milk or cream with skim milk and asking your barista to substitute sugar-free syrups in your drinks. Yes, they do have them and you will hardly, if at all, notice the difference. So enjoy your favorite Fall and holiday beverages but make a few changes when you place your order or make them at home.