Sunday, March 5, 2017


I am often asked about "healthy" margarines. Personally, I don't really think there is such a thing as I believe our body is made to use natural, not man made, foods. But for those of you who use margarines, here is some information on this particular one. Note that half the fat is saturated fat and the amount of fish oil, where the omega-3s come from, is minimal.

1 tablespoon of this spread = 80 calories, 5 grams (2.5 g sat)fat, 85 mg sodium 

This product is made from a natural blend of soybean, palm fruit, fish, flaxseed, canola, and olive oils. Due to the fish oil there is a small amount of omega-3 fats which are heart-healthy fats. 

Works well as a topping, and also for cooking and baking. 
NOTE: This same product in the "Light" version has 30 calories less, 1 gram less saturated fat, and should not be used for baking as it has a high water content. 

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