Friday, April 21, 2017


Studies show that your mother was right!  Eating soup can reduce inflammation and help clear away mucous therefore easing the symptoms of colds and upper respiratory tract infections.  And, yes, when you don't feel well, you may not want to make homemade soup.  That is okay, too.  As we the public have become more attuned to how the foods we eat affect our bodies, the food manufacturers have come up with ways to keep our business!  After all, if they don't have us the consumers, they have no business!  You can now find soups with lower fat, lower sodium, organic, etc on the grocer's shelves.  Just be sure to read the labels!  And did you know you can also find soup in the freezer section?  The plus for frozen soups is that they usually contain much less sodium since they don't need it as a preservative.  Next time you are grocery shopping, check out the soups and purchase one or two to have on hand when needed. Brothy soups are better for this than rich creamy soups.

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