Friday, April 21, 2017


You may not give much though to which coffee roast is the healthiest. After all we buy coffee for the flavor and yes, often the caffeine. Really, who bothers to think about such trivial things as how it was roasted, right? Actually, we should. According to a study about five years ago from the University of British Columbia, you should choose a medium-blend coffee for the most health benefits. Coffee beans have two types of antioxidants. Some are natural to the bean while others develop from a chemical reaction when they are roasted. As the beans darken, the amount of disease-fighters gradually decreases while the quantity of the antioxidants from the color change increases. Medium roast gives the best mix of both types of antioxidants, which is most likely to be most beneficial to the human body in different ways. Look for the words American, regular, or breakfast when choosing your coffee blend. 

This is one of the small ways we can give our bodies the most natural protection. If we learn to make small changes like this on a daily and routine basis, it is amazing how much our bodies can benefit without any big change in our lifestyles.

Note: This picture is not to support this particular brand but to show the roast on the front of the can.

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