Thursday, August 18, 2016


Once we humans reach around 50 years of age we start to have weakened muscles.  This is a normal part of the aging process but it is important we do what we can to maintain our muscles. Weakened muscles can cause falls which can be very damaging to older people. Maintaining our muscles helps us to function better overall. Protein is an important muscle builder so we must be sure we get enough in our diets. The average 150 pound adult needs approximately 55 grams of protein per day. Older folks should probably have more. Learn to read nutritional labels on your foods and monitor your protein intake for a week. See if you are getting at least the recommended amounts, especially if you are an older person like me. Discuss with your doctor if you find yourself falling short of the recommended amount.

This file photo shows some samples of protein foods to consider. (I am preaching to myself here as I do not like any of the foods pictured below. Shame on me!)

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